Regardless of the subject or grade level, a solid grasp of technology skills is fostered at SAS each and every day
SAS places great emphasis on developing the whole child, from intellectual development to social responsibility
Programs and Services
SAS provides a myriad of programs and services designed to meet students' needs and to develop their talents
Catholic Education
As a Catholic school, SAS holds education in the Faith as a primary goal

Welcome to St. Agatha Catholic School Online

Our Mission: St. Agatha Catholic School supports our families in their role as primary educators of their children in a Christ-centered environment.  We honor the dignity and diversity of our students by nurturing their individual God-given talents, while maintaining high academic and social standards.

At our school, your child will be given the opportunity to develop spiritually, emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically. We strive to help each child develop the trust and confidence needed to assure a positive self-image throughout their entire life.

St. Agatha Catholic School employs or contracts teachers who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees, have at least 3 years of teaching experience in public or private schools, or have special skills, knowledge, or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in subjects taught.

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