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 Welcome to computer class (2019-2020)!

It is very important your child(ren) in grades 3-8 has a usb drive and brings it to school/computer class daily so he/she may save and retrieve his/her assignments. This is important so students do not fall behind on their work.  If they do not bring a usb to class they will receive points off of their assignments.

Technology is a vital part of today’s society. My goal as the technology teacher is to facilitate student learning in regards to creative and safe computer use. This class site is designed to keep Saint Agatha students and parents informed of regular class activity. Please browse the site, and come back often. Please encourage your child(ren) to practice typing on a computer with a keyboard. I have added links to free typing websites. Please see my resource page. (Click on Resources on the left hand side of the screen in the blue box.) 

Please have your child(ren) use my resource page (click on "Resources" in the blue box above) throughout the school year after they finish their homework.  For reading they may use Tumbleboooks.  For math and language arts they may use or many other websites listed.  A little extra work daily can go a long way. is a useful resource students can use to practice math and language arts. It allows students 10 problems per day per device for FREE.


Our reading programs are wonderful tools to help students enhance reading and language arts skills necessary to succeed in school.  Students in kindergarten through eighth grade use the programs at school and at home.

Make it a priority to speak to your child(ren) about internet safety. There are many resources available online to start the conversation. Once you do you may want to sign a "contract" along with your child(ren) so they may make the commitment to adhere safe internet practices. Here is a link to a contract you can use (copy and paste to your internet browser):






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