Middle School Religion


Homework for the Week of October 8-12, 2018

Effective Date: 
Saturday, September 29, 2018


"Catholic Conversation of the Scriptures Corner"

All of our middle school  families are encourage to conduct a Catholic Conversation of the Scriptures one evening a week. You will have the opportunity to discuss and reflect the Gospel prior  to Sunday.  The family questions found below for reflection will then be handwritten and turned in by Wednesday for a 2 point extra credit.  Parents MUST sign and read each weekly assignment. You are encouraged to write your experiences as well.  Remember, this activity is for extra credit and is strictly voluntary.         

28th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Cycle B)

Gospel reading Mark 10: 17-30 [To be read aloud ] 

Please reflect and answer the following questions in complete sentence.

1.  Do I believe that when things go “my way” it is because God is “rewarding” me for my good deeds?

2. How hard it is for me to let go of my security, to venture into the unknown territory where Jesus calls me?  Explain.

Days 6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade
Monday 10/16 A/B Complete Respect to Life Poster8A Complete Respect to Life Poster
Tuesday 10/27 A/B Complete Respect to Life Poster8B Complete Respect to Life Poster
Wednesday 10/36 A/B Summarize days 1-6 of Creation 8A Read & outline Sec IV of chapter #1
Thursday 10/4 7 A/B Select your favorite style of cross illustrate and write a paragraph summary historical facts8B Read & outline Sec IV of chapter #1
Friday 10/56 A/B Review for quiz8A Study for quiz
Monday 10/86A/B None8A None
Tuesday 10/9 7A/B Review for test8B Read Sec. IV
Wednesday 10/106A/B Study for test, Saints research due 10/15 8A Review for quiz
Thursday 10/117A/B Read & outline page 44, Saints research due 10/168B Review for test
Friday 10/126A/B Bring Family LIfe 8B Work Week 3&4