SAS Science Lab Picture As a Catholic school, education in the faith remains a primary goal.  The emphasis on faith accounts for the success of most Catholic schools and St. Agatha Catholic School is no exception. We pride ourselves in providing a safe environment for our students while providing a quality education of the highest standards. An atmosphere of Catholic values and traditions permeates our school, as our academics and programs are centered around these principles. This is demonstrated in our mission statement, which is to help educate and mold, responsible, Catholic citizens for a diverse and dynamic society.  The school assists, not only the parents, but also the Church, in providing their children with opportunities to deepen and strengthen academic achievement in accordance with the Christian principles of wisdom, justice, brotherhood, and morality.

The school curriculum aims to develop the total child through: moral and spiritual development, intellectual and cultural information, social responsibility, and physical fitness. Areas that are developed at St. Agatha include: Religion, Science, English, Literature (Reading), Mathematics, Computer Science, Social Studies and Spanish.

In addition, students receive instruction in Art, Music, and Physical Education and they visit our school library on a regular basis.