Religious EducationSAS Religion Class

As a Catholic school, education in the faith remains a primary goal. An atmosphere of Catholic values and traditions permeates our school, as our academics and programs are centered around these principles. This is demonstrated in our mission statement, which is to help educate and mold, responsible, Catholic citizens for a diverse and dynamic society.  The school assists, not only the parents, but also the Church, in providing their children with opportunities to deepen and strengthen academic achievement in accordance with the Christian principles of wisdom, justice, brotherhood, and morality.

We hold that religious education has maximum priority in our basic education program. The cooperation of parents in this area is vital. Such cooperation involves: participation in Sunday Mass, parental preparation of children for the sacraments, special parish liturgies, adult education class, and retreats. 

Sacramental Preparation

The sacramental life of your child is very important to us as a Church community. We know that it is important to you too. There are certain requirements given to us by the Archbishop of Miami through the education office. There are other expectations that the local parish may require for its community for the betterment of its candidates. The parents are the first teachers of their children in the ways of our faith. They are also the best teachers in spiritual matters. It is vital that parents set an example of sincere Christian living by creating a religious atmosphere in the home, by family prayer, frequent reception of the Sacraments and regular participation at Sunday Mass. Students are taught the importance of the 3 T’s (Time, Talent, and Treasure) on a weekly basis. We ask that parents continue to stress the importance of sharing these gifts by bringing their children to Mass every week. Mass attendance is monitored. Each Monday through the collection of coupons or signed bulletins if your family worships in another Catholic parish. If a child has been baptized in a Christian church that is not Roman Catholic and they wish to join our catholic faith, a Profession of Faith is required prior to receiving any other sacraments. Please notify the office if this pertains to your child.

Mass Attendance

St. Agatha Catholic School students celebrate Holy Mass together on first Fridays of the month or more often as special occasions permit. The Holy Mass is at 8:30 am starting with First Fridays, but because of the school calendar or due to a special Feast Day another day may be chosen. Each class takes a turn hosting and preparing the liturgy. Students may invite and encourage their parents to join us. Other prayer services and devotions should also be celebrated, such as the Stations of the Cross (e.g. during Lent), and the May and October Holy Rosary in Honor of Our Lady. These liturgies are not a replacement for participation at Sunday Holy Mass with the Parish Community, but are added opportunities for our children to be trained and grow in their relationship to God and the Body of Christ, the Church.