Special Education

Exceptional programs for exceptional children

At St. Agatha, we believe that every child has different needs, and these differences should be embraced so that the child may be successful now and in their later life. By acknowledging these differences we are able to sculpt two unique programs, tailoring our instructional approach to maximize your child’s learning potential.

Padre Pio

Picture of Padre PioThe Padre Pio program strives to serve students who demonstrate average or above average intellectual ability, who have no severe physical handicaps, who are not classified as emotionally handicapped nor have a significant behavioral component.  Our Padre Pio students,  may have academic deficits in one or more of the following areas: reading, mathematics, language arts, and/or writing.

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Mother Teresa

Picture of Mother TeresaThe Mother Teresa program strives to educate children in a Catholic environment, who are classified as educable mentally handicapped and/or developmentally delayed, but have no emotional and/or severe physical handicaps.

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